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About Michael Miller

Michael Miller. Photo 2012 Lucas Miller.

Michael Miller. Photo 2012 Lucas Miller.

Michael Miller has worked in old master drawings and Renaissance art for over thirty years. In 1980 he began his studies in the field at Harvard University under the late Konrad Oberhuber, also working with Sydney Freedberg, James Ackerman, and Marjorie Cohn, writing the entries on Italian drawings for Master Drawings and Watercolors from the bequest of Frances Hofer and researching Master Drawings from the Woodner Collection (Getty Museum 1983). Between 1983 and 1985 he pursued post-doctoral work in Rome and Florence, traveling widely to study the major European collections of drawings. In 1985, as assistant to Konrad Oberhuber, he co-edited  Die Sammlung Woodner, a catalogue for an exhibition of the Woodner collection, as it was shown in Vienna, Munich, and Madrid. In this he wrote the entries on Italian and German drawings. Between 1986 and 1993, Michael was Assistant Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Cleveland Museum of Art, where he worked on a broad range of works covering drawing from the Middle Ages to the present. After a semester teaching Italian Renaissance art at Oberlin College, he and his wife, Lucy Vivante, maintained a business as private dealers in master drawings in New York City until 2000. After that Michael has worked on numerous literary and photographic projects and continued his activity in the art market. He is now Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of The Berkshire Review, an International Journal for the Arts, and New York Arts. He is he author of numerous scholarly publications on drawings, Italian Renaissance art, 19th century German drawings, modern art, photography, music, opera, and theater.

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Old Master Drawings is the successor to The Drawing Site, which began in 1998 as the class site for his seminars on old master and modern drawings at NYU SCPS, where a brilliant and responsive IT staff taught him the rudiments of html design. The students, who came from all over the Tristate Area — some from even farther away — could use the site as a center, where they could find out meeting places and assignments. (He conducted the classes in the study rooms of museums all over Manhattan, and we rarely met in any one place more than twice.) HE later joined to this the reference site, Drawing Materials and Techniques — an Introduction. His class site became the model for the Web site of Michael Miller Lucy Vivante Fine Arts, Inc., later The Drawing Site.


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